Intro to Psychology

The goal of this page is to help you pass CLEP test, intro to psychology, and is targeted for members with little to no experience in with the subject matter the format for this prep guide is


  • The pillars if what you must understand to meet the requirements to pass the test
  • Common main-stream sources of information
  • List of other good sources of which you can obtain help and information
  • Other articles and videos to reinforce what you should have already read
  • Practice test derived from sources on the internet and CLEP Guides


Meat and Potatoes


Before taking the test review the Peterson’s online CLEP Manual

See this video for a brief introduction to psychology

Most of a book on Psychology form (some links broken)

Everything Wikipedia has on Psychology

The American Psychological Associations (APA’s) Definitions

Other Useful Stuff to Help Drive it Home


Funny Videos Some Collage kids did on Getsalt

Gestalt part 1

Gestalt part 2

The Psychology of Advertising

The Psychology of Phobias

Paul Blooms Everything of Psychology


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